April 15, 2021

Has most everything came back around for a second time?  I see bell bottoms/flare jeans are back in. What about other trends like florescent greens and pinks, mullets and big hair will be next?      

When it comes to fashion, things like crop tops and high waisted jeans was what everyone was wearing, at least in the 90s. Along with platform shoes and velvet everything. While I was definitely a teen in the 90s, sporting my big hair, button-fly jeans and my favorite rock band T, those are the exact styles to roll back around now. While I don’t know everything that is coming back in style, I do want what feels comfy, cute and somewhat on target as a trend but it has to fit who I am in this point of my life, age and style.
So for all the trends that roll back again for maybe a second and third time, what are you anxious for?